Published in International Floral Art book.

Top 10 in International Design Contest & Published in NACRE

Published in Nacre French Magazine

Fusion flower bronze medal winner & Published in NACRE

Florist Review magazine Cover page

My wonderful experiences at AIFD National Symposium

Returning flight was little early to Chicago from Boston. Getting ready, packing the luggage, checking out on the counter and getting in taxi to catch the plane with my family. Taxi was going fast towards the airport and I was going away from conference center where I spend one of…

Art Interpretation

The subject for project submission was Art Interpretation. With an interior design background, for this project I choose the subject was architecture. Design and Aesthetics was my most favorite subject when I was studying Interior Design and they still are. According to my experience, designing is a process of "thinking…

Contemporary Bridal Bouquet

After national symposium 2009 I was just trying to flow with my mind and wanted to try some different techniques in my design. I was given a bamboo stick, five flowers and a bouquet holder and asked to design a bridal bouquet. With bamboo stick I made my own bouquet…

Satisfying results

I recently won first place in Bridal Bouquet at the students of AIFD competition in Kansas City, MO. More about the Students of AIFD competition can be found here. The design as implemented at home.