About Me

A science graduate who wanted to become a doctor, I channeled my energies into Interior Design realizing creativity is my passion. After getting married, traveling around with my husband Pramod, I became a Floral Designer

This is my interesting story about how I become a Floral Designer.

After getting married I came to US from India, then Pramod had to travel for work, I decided to travel with him.

When I was in London we were living in St. Albans a suburb of London, very nice, scenic, cute town. I thought, why not start studying again, joined my first floral design class in Oakland College in St. Albans. My first teacher was Kay DePeza, beginners class was full and only one seat was available in advanced class. I thought ‘lets take whatever is available, if teachers allow it’. Kay allowed me to take the class and both of us thought let’s see how I do. I still remember, in my first class, took few roses, big basket and some other flowers, assignment was to make European style mix flower basket. I was very new to all the floral materials like floral knife, pruner, taping ,wiring, gluing etc, Kay was so nice, kind and helpful, she introduced me to all the basic floral material, after class she told me, what all basic floral material I need to carry and where to get them and not to worry about all material, she will provide me whatever was missing.

In my next class I was prepared compared to my first class, assignment was to making different styles of corsage and boutonnieres. Other students were doing their work and I realized they were good at it, Kay taught me how to do taping and wiring. With her instruction and guidance, finished my first corsage and she was surprised with my work. After that day I was waiting for my floral classes, and attended two semesters in Oaklands college. While leaving St. Albans, Kay told me to continue with my floral design studies and that I was good at it.