Let Them Shine …..

Let Them Shine …..

Scarcity of something and intensity to fulfill that scarcity teaches you a lot in life. Same here…using my creativity with wonderful purpose!!! While you are doing something you enjoy so much, for that small period you forget about everything but enjoy just doing it. When you really want to do what you love just try your own way to find the path. More than anything just being “Honest” to yourself about what is doing.

Recently my daughter started her Kindergartner in one of the best community schools and we become part of PTA. In weekly PTA folder we got to know about school events, programs, activities etc, the small projects they were doing were quite impressive. Children learn more through, fun activities, practical knowledge, curiosity and clear observation. As parents, always try to give best to the children. Healthy environment at home is major part of healthy growing child and once child starts to go to school the community become one more major aspect for the child. Healthy community is responsibility of people who live in the community and growing child in aware community is just blessings!!!

While making breakfast I read wonderful article from the principal in PTA folder, about growing vegetables in the garden by students and all the vegetables from that garden was being donated to the food pantry in the community. While donating the last crop of vegetables, one lady asked to trade bread that she got from pantry with vegetables the school was donating, because for a several days she had, not had vegetables to eat!!! When we are in a soft shell, never know closely, what others are struggling for.

So, that article remind me something I always wanted to do. After my 2nd daughter I stop working and soon I started to miss my creativity. At that time one idea came into my mind about creating something with waste flowers for children and I thought I can work on it in my daughters school. But, later somehow that idea slipped from my mind.

Anyway, idea is still idea and I came up with new solution that I will make my own corsages and boutonniere for children. I would say make a thing with personal touch and feel those children special too.

The school’s event was in a bookstore and children were participating in school band, chorus, small play, story reading etc. If you see carefully about event, location and purpose all things were my favorite!!! Books, children, music and “Talent in every child.”

Almost 100+students were participating. Challenge was how to make 100 boutonnieres, corsages to make. One thing I decided that no wiring and taping but design should be simple and meaningful.

Blue and white color are the school’s color and star symbol was matching with upcoming schools logo. Personally I feel they all are rising stars!!! And putting on those star corsages and boutonnieres with enthusiasm, I feel they are telling ” I am a rising star now and with all of your support, encouragement and most important is believing in me is nourishing my talent because I am happy doing it.”

When I was there few things I noticed and I would like to share..While picking up boutonnieres and corsages one child ask me politely ‘Do I have a choice?’ …For me it was very deep question. Definitely he had a choice. Personally I feel making these small choices building a self confidence about there own decisions.

There was a parent who had one kid who was performing in Gifted child program and another kid of that same parent was sitting on mothers lap who was special need child and among those many children one girl was playing with that special need child and both were so happy that they forgot rest of the crowd…. ” Acceptance in heart as they are.”
When I see the innocence, smile, enthusiasm on children faces, I feel yes…I am here to learn from them.

Last but not least always thankful to those who help me in there own way thank you to principal for giving me the opportunity to work for children, PTA and most precious, innocent children who put those stars while performing which I feel supporting and giving me hope.

May be I did not take part in a big budget event, may be I did not raise a single penny for school and may only few of them read the message I put on a table that “Every child is rising star, let them shine” but for that time only me and those children faces know what we got is “Million dollar smile” and “Hope” in my heart.