Judging : A put down or A lift up.

In early age god gifted me one more thing, that thing is “Taste the real life.”
See and feel the life’s ups and down closely. For the first time, stand from heartfelt pain is very difficult. It might take a long long time to stand up but once you stand up you will be totally different person and never be the same as before. That long period teach and show the path of growing internally and that internal growing is never ending. While healing, what I experienced and learned is ” not obsession with anything but acceptance as it comes.” Still I am learning.

As you go further in your life it brings you more experience and how you take that experience makes your life rich. Wonderful books is one of the source. Here is a chapter from “The new Child”. After a long time I remembered to read this chapter and when I read, I feel to be thankful for bringing me more experience to taste the “Real Life” and reminding me to read this again.

Judging the person and judging the act – that is a totally different thing.
For example, somebody is a thief – you can judge that stealing is not good. But don’t judge the person, because the person is a vast phenomenon, and the act is a a small thing. The act is so small a piece…that small piece should not become a judgment about the whole person. A thief may have many beautiful values; he may be truthful, he may be sincere, he may be a very loving person.

But most often what happens is just the opposite: people start judging the person rather than the action. Actions have to be corrected – you have to correct; you cannot allow person to go on doing wrong things. That will be very cruel, and not compassionate.

But don’t correct them according to tradition, convention, according to so called morality, according to your prejudices. Whenever you are correcting somebody, be very meditative, be very silent; looking at the whole thing from all perspectives. Perhaps it is the right thing that they are doing, and your prevention will not be right at all.

So when I say “don’t judge”, I simply mean that don’t condemn that person. If the action is not right, help the person – find out why the action is not right but there is no question of judgment. Don’t take the person’s dignity, don’t humiliate him, don’t make him feel guilty – that’s what I mean when I say “Don’t judge.”

But as far as correcting is concerned: unprejudiced, silently in your awareness, if you see that something is wrong and will destroy that person’s intelligence, will take him on the wrong path in his life help him. Bring the person to a better consciousness, to a higher consciousness. This should be your love and your compassion, and this should be the only value on which you judge any action as right or wrong. But never for a single moment let the person feel that he has been condemned. On the contrary, let him feel that he has been loved – it is out of love that you have tried to correct him.

A guy lying in a hospital bed, coming around from an anesthetic wakes up to find the doctor beside him.
“I have got bad news and good news for you,” says the doctor,
“would you like the bad or good first?
“Aaaagh,” groans the guy, “tell me the bad.”,
“Well” says the doctor.”We had to amputate both your legs below the knee.” “Aaaagh,” groans the guy,” that’s really bad.”
After recovering from the shock, he asks the doctor for the good news. “Well”, said the doctor,”the man in the next bed would like to buy your slippers!”

Just don’t be serious! Look at a life with more playful eyes…it is really hilarious. “There is nothing to judge- everybody is doing his best.