From my childhood I was fond of tasty food and I love to eat fresh and warm food. Whenever my mother, grand mother were cooking the only role I played was tasting the food and very good observation! I never thought only my observation and good taste, make me wonderful COOK too. Only one thing I remember as told by my mom, “I will teach you to eat excellent food and one day you will learn how to cook excellent food.”

It was true, till I got married I never tried to cook variety of food, I only knew basic cooking. All the time mother, grandmother, aunts were there to pamper so I was used to taste nice food. Once I started my own, to cook the food, I realized it was within me by genes I think.

While traveling with Pramod I always carry my own ‘Kitchen bag”. Being vegetarian and after first time leaving my country I took some time to adjust with different types of vegetarian food which ever is available. So I decided to carry my own stuff which is necessary and particular for me to cook. Whenever we traveled for more than two weeks, I was prepared to setup my own kitchen. One more thing was whenever we travel it takes some time to get adjusted with surrounding, culture, atmosphere etc. So I was ready to get adjusted and first thing to setup my kitchen and was buying grocery supply.

Once it done I think I was putting my creativity in cooking..trying different dishes, inviting friends and colleagues. Friends, colleagues were getting so happy to eat that food. and I was feeling full before I eat, only because of satisfaction! I love Indian authentic food, Italian, Thai, Mexican and Indian Chinese. With my own blend, I try to make some of the dishes which one is vegetarian and which my kids, Pramod and I love.