Art Interpretation

The subject for project submission was Art Interpretation.

With an interior design background, for this project I choose the subject was architecture. Design and Aesthetics was my most favorite subject when I was studying Interior Design and they still are.
According to my experience, designing is a process of “thinking out of box”, just go with your imagination and there is no limit, choose whatever subject; architecture, painting, sculpture, music etc. It is just rendering your imagination and representing your idea is a creation of a design.
Aesthetics is appreciation of beauty; to understand the subject, get totally involved in the subject. Try to understand the subject with your heart, mind and soul. Now the task is to represent your design, using different shapes, color, material, texture.
For my art interpretation project, I choose the temple from Barcelona, Spain ‘Sagarda Familia’. I still remember the feeling when I saw the temple for the first time. I thought I was going to cry with joy! My eyes were full of tears and I was smiling looking at it. The temples architect was
Antoni Gaudí
. So I tried to study all about the temple, it’s architecture, Antoni Gaudi, the architecture style, the idea behind the temple etc. When I was thinking deep about it I got to learn more and more. More than related to project but I got lots of answers as an Artist. “Dedication” was the key factor for my project, that’s what I learnt and inspired me when I was deeply involved in studying the temple, since the temple is being built only by donated money for more than 100 years.

This is my interpretation of the temple, I tried to show single tower of the temple, to express my imagination was trying all the possibilities in my work.

I would say designing and aesthetics are two sides of a coin. Once you know what subject you are going to design and how you are going to represent aesthetically, rest of the things will be fall into place automatically like material, color, techniques etc. It’s like your heart and brain working together, your body will react automatically.