Be yourself Be foolish

In some ways we like things, values that what we are. I start my day with one of my friends and that is books. This morning my eyes caught a stock market newsletter, that’s the last thing I would read, but headline of the newsletter caught my eyes and that is “Be yourself, Be Foolish.” I would love to share what I read and what I liked.

Success is more than just the end of a journey. To truly prosper, you need a plan for how to get there and that’s true for individuals alike. They’re the timeless principles that guide you every step of the way— they are your core values. We are guided by core values, six fundamental principles that embody who we are and what we stand for. See if these resonate with you.

  1. Be Collaborative: Do great things together.
  2. Be Innovative: Search for a better solution. Then top it.
  3. Be Honest: Make us proud.
  4. Be competitive: Play Fair, Play Hard, Play to win.
  5. Be Fun: Revel in your work.
  6. Be yourself: Make foolishness your own.

The newsletter mentioned above is “Motley Fool Stock Advisor.”