Inspiration and Spontaneity!

Inspiration and Spontaneity!

What is Inspiration and what is Spontaneity?

Artists tend to study the other artists creation, their inspiration, philosophy, idea behind the creation, craftsmanship, message etc. Just want to see and feel the beauty from other viewer’s eyes. When somebody asks, what was your inspiration behind this design? Only that artist knows; from where are the roots of his/her design inspiration, ideas.

There are countless possibilities for inspiration and it can be anything. Playing with the material is one of the inspirational things for me. Have you ever noticed the creativity of child? Children will try to play with everything, whatever they find.

So, while playing with the material I found different, nice solutions/designs. It might be originality of your thinking, playing process or something you have seen before and it comes out now in your design. So, possibilities are endless.

Buffet table design

Here is on one of my design, I found while playing with the material. If you want to express the design different way or would say in artistic way language, in this design you see wonderful negative space, rhythm, flow and repetition.

It is true that the design, which looks simple, is not that simple. It might takes hours or days to find desired solution. In simple words if you want to explore more creativity then try to find the child in yourself!

Napkin decor

Without any prejudice starting your creative process is Spontaneity. Just going with your flow or natural way is Spontaneity.

Finding the solution in time constraint and the material you have is a one more experience of Spontaneity. In that period you are forced to totally concentrate on your design and you boost your creative energy to the highest level. In that period you don’t have anything else but only think about desired solution. Here is a simple design of napkin décor.

Always like to say what was my experience and what I feel. It might be different to you.