Fleurs de Villes 2023

Spring is in the air!!
New things are coming along the way and I’m appreciating these opportunities!!
Fleurs De villes a unique approach to give the platform for local floral artist/ designers for promoting floral art with the help of sponsors, growers,media and people who support each other!! Definitely it’s hard work and labor of pain to see the beautiful outcome!

VOYAGE – A floral Journey of discovery to destination around the world!

My Global traveler concept supported by client 900 North Michigan Shops!
I truly enjoyed working with this concept and bringing into reality! Nature always inspires me. Keeping in mind “Spring” and its color palette my theme was designed, selection of flowers, greenery from nature, enthusiasm of spring with accessories selected.
The best part of it was when I got to know that my design was inspiration to display digital screens on the ceiling was amazing!!

It was great pleasure to see and work along amazing local floral artist. Supporting each other and growing together!! Stop by on Michigan Avenue @ 900 North Michigan shops in Downtown Chicago which is the second most beautiful city in the world!

From the bottom of my heart I’m thankful to my dear friend, colleague, client, supporter, sponsors and not but least my hubby Pramod and daughter Arula!!