Root 2 Bloom

Pandemic was a roller coaster of challenges we ever faced and the best moments we ever enjoyed!! We survived through pandemic because of faith, family bond, community, love, what you do, and nature!! Going through this tunnel, I used the torch of my passion, floral art, and nature to nourish my soul!

Reaching home from AIFD national symposium in Las Vegas, “ROOTS”! For almost 3 years, it was the floral family’s together time. It was a boost for the creative soul! In the “ROOT2BLOOM” program, I submitted a small article expressing my respect and feelings for people I met in this beautiful floral industry.

It was an occasion to honor AIFD educators and mentors who have made a difference in a florist’s career, someone who put the success of their students to love. An AIFD Educator who taught, shared, and provided inspiration and encouragement … ROOT to their success!!! To BLOOM!! Beautiful concept!!!

On the special occasion of celebrating “ GURU POORNIMA “ ( full moon), Here’s the story I submitted!


May I have a seed of creativity, maybe I’m fortunate enough to grow as a passionate floral artist, and maybe my life changed forever since the “Global floral” industry became my one more family today. But it would not have been possible because of my amazing experience competing in the National student competition in AIFD national symposium!! To make that experience memorable for a lifetime and ignite the fire within me to become AIFD. It is only possible because of the most encouraging, supportive, kind, and righteous acts by the memorable student competition committee members, especially Robyn Arnold and BJ Dyer!!!
Without that student competition experience, I would not have been today who I am! From the bottom of my heart, I am always thankful to them!!

It was not a smooth road coming to compete, especially from Triton College, whose floral future was unpredictable. I am thankful to all the teachers and friends who were doing their best to encourage each other; without them, I would not be an Honor Student on President List!!

Honestly, I’m blessed to learn from the most passionate people in this industry and most of those people I introduced in the AIFD symposium!! In 2010 in Boston, the first time I met and saw Gregor Lersch’s presentation; later, he is my “GURU” for a lifetime!!

Without nourishment of seeds in student life, it was not easy to bloom!! I have special gratitude to Hitomi for bringing this beautiful concept to remember “Roots2BLOOM” and all those passionate people I learned from!!

In this program, “ Gregor Lersch” was specially honored because he was 6 times presenter on the main stage program in AIFD national symposium and brought new content each time. He inspired many of us like me and is a great contributor to this floral industry!!!

Thanks to each of you who came across my path for this beautiful floral journey!!!