Opening reception of Awaken AIFD 2019, the crew of passionate international artist row the boat with Stacey Carlton. Bravo to the idea of Joyce Mannheim & giving the torch to these artists to express their creativity!!!

Beautiful concept of awakening the floral art thro beautiful Japanese Aesthetic that focuses on finding beauty within the imperfection of life!!! It’s Zen Buddhism philosophy.

Through the “Cracks” I try to express my creativity!! “There’s a crack in everything that’s how the light gets in “ – Leonardo Cohen. Failure and success is part of life and how we deal with, it’s up to us. Believing in hope, new opportunities, a new journey and nurturing the seed of positivity was the essence of my presentation!!

My humble gratitude to each and every one of you for your kind encouraging words, hugs and huge support for floral art.
Many many Thanks to #DesignMaster for sponsoring the program and having us wonderful products!! Also thank you to #AccentDecor, #SmithersOasis

It was possible because of all your generous support!!! Last but Not least Dear Pramod’s immense encouragement!!!