Published designs and article in Nacre french magazine

Proud moment to enjoy at the same time my journey keeps me humble and down to earth.
” Enlightening ” ¬†When mind, body & soul work together I would say enlightening work experience takes place. Three points of triangle indicates mind, body, soul & center is indicating enlightening experience of designing !!!
This is the design & its original concept came into my mind while my fingers were creating graphic shapes. My dream was becoming AIFD & for that I was practicing techniques. If you ask me me time zone it is 2010/11
When I saw the first raw finished product Myself I was amazed by design concept ( it’s my perspective & experience) At that time I thought enlightening experience of designing.
I’m so fortunate & lucky that I survived in recession period of floral Industry. Sometimes when people see my designs while I approaching for work from there point of view It’s crazy minds designs!!! Almost 2 years gone. In this period most encouraging, supportive and pillars of me was my parents, my family, friends back home in India and my husband Pramod. He encouraged me saying “Do your best and do what makes you happy!! ” I survived and inducted in AIFD in 2015!!!
Now when I see this floral industry I am super happy that people are encouraging, supporting each other to grow, to nourish, to get inspired, to get involved, opening the new opportunities, to promote each other and to keep the creativity alive!!!
That’s why my gratitude to each one of you that I came across, because of our love for flowers & passion for what we do!!!